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When is the Best Day to Move?

Have you been spring cleaning? Maybe now you're ready for a garage sale or a yard sale? Check out the video below from Robeson Design on throwing a Garage Sale:

Summer is a popular time to move for many, with May being the official start of moving season. According to a recent study, more than half of moves occur during May through September.

The Spruce says moving into a new home should be done during the summer! Why? They list:
The weatherGreat time for garage salesGood time to sell your homeKids and schoolMoving for workStudents moving to college When are people moving? Check out the statistics from last year and even 2015 from My Moving Reviews:

Moving to North Carolina? Or maybe you already live in North Carolina, but you are considering a new city? listed these 10 cities to consider moving to:
Estimated population: 83,393CARY
Estimated population: 135,234CHAPEL HILL
Estimated population: 57,233CHARLOTTE
Estimated population: 731,424DURHAM
Estimated population: 2…

5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready For Summer

It's a new month! And spring is here, with summer soon approaching!

I've compiled a few of my favorite ways to get your home ready for summer!

1. Turn your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise. There are a lot of great resources that explain the benefits and the concept of changing the direction the fan blades move. Have any of you experimented with the directions and noticed any cost savings?

2. Adjust the temperature settings on your programmable thermostat, for when you're home or not.

3. Replace old weatherstripping on doors and windows.

4. Check water settings. By this I mean, check your hose connection for any leaks or damage. And indoors, consider using cold or warm water when using the clothes washer. Also, consider lowering the temperature setting on your hot water tank.

5. Revisit your windows. Change out your curtains and use SolarShield® curtain panels or thermal insulated blackout curtains, to keep your rooms cool. Another idea is to use window film to reject UV r…