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Making the Best Home Decisions for You!

Do you love visiting homes and seeing how it's decorated or staged? I've had the pleasure of viewing a few homes over the past few weeks, and I can agree with the articles below on some of the trends. Wood floorings have been in almost every home I've seen. I've also seen wood ceilings and ceilings bringing attention to beams, which I love! I love that people are paying attention to their ceilings! I've also seen a lot of the light blues, light greens, light gray, dark gray, maroon, and corals. And everywhere I look, I see wicker and adirondacks. What trends have you spotted?

Inspiration for your home decorating or projects:

Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2017
National Design Trends Get Southern Twist
Why Southerners Have Always Loved Wicker
Flooring Options for Southern States

Considering moving within the next year? Check out these other articles from us to help you make the right decision for you:

Making the Move That's Right For You: First-Time Homebuyer

50 Ways You Can Live on a Greener Planet

Today's theme for this post: greenery. And no, I'm not talking about Pantone's Color of the Year, Greenery.

It's Spring! And many of you are making changes to your home, both inside and outside. I've seen people painting the walls in their home, and I've seen people outside planting trees and flowers and mulching.

With Earth Day coming up this Saturday, it's important to bring awareness to environmental concerns, and it's also encouraged to save energy in any way.

I recently saw a home in Raleigh with solar panels on their roof.  I later discovered it was installed by Sun Dollar Energy, LLC.  If you are thinking about making changes to your roof or perhaps installing a new roof, consider adding solar panels or solar shingles, if it's in your budget.  The home I saw installed 625 sq. ft. and the estimated project cost was $28,000.00.  You can also consider a ground mount system as another option.  Just make sure you do your research to find out the d…

Design Advice for Your Home!

Thinking about updating your home? Or are you buying a home and wondering what exterior siding material you prefer?

I've shared some popular home exterior siding materials in North Carolina from Stanton Homes as well as tips and trends for updating your space!


Vinyl ExteriorsHardiBoard/Fiber Cement ExteriorsStone ExteriorsBrick ExteriorsStucco ExteriorsBoard and Batt ExteriorsShake Exteriors TRENDS:
Five trends new-home builders are seeing in the Triangle!
SMARTER - It's all about automation and finding smart devices to activate sprinklers or set security systems!GREENER - Water conservation is a high priority and buyers are more conscious about product choices when it comes to paint and flooring.SMALLER - The smaller home trend is strong this 2017! The open space concept and having rooms serve as more than one purpose is also important to home buyers.CLEANER - Clean and sleek lines are trending in kitchens and bathrooms.BRIGHTER - We're seeing large…

What's Happening in April?

It's a new month, and we observe a lot in April! Here's a brief description of each:

In remembrance of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968; sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); efforts to end housing discrimination

Celebrates all we can do to make our country a more beautiful and better place; three basic missions: reduce waste, prevent litter, beautify communities

The time we clean up our lawns and prepare it for summer

We focus on home decorating

Gardening improves our attitudes toward health and nutrition, kids perform better at school, community spirit grows

Efficient and creative design is recognized from walkways, playgrounds, neighborhoods, and roadways; use #WLAM2017 on social media when you share a picture of your favorite landscape architecture…