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50 Ways You Can Live on a Greener Planet

Today's theme for this post: greenery. And no, I'm not talking about Pantone's Color of the Year, Greenery.

It's Spring! And many of you are making changes to your home, both inside and outside. I've seen people painting the walls in their home, and I've seen people outside planting trees and flowers and mulching.

With Earth Day coming up this Saturday, it's important to bring awareness to environmental concerns, and it's also encouraged to save energy in any way.

I recently saw a home in Raleigh with solar panels on their roof.  I later discovered it was installed by Sun Dollar Energy, LLC.  If you are thinking about making changes to your roof or perhaps installing a new roof, consider adding solar panels or solar shingles, if it's in your budget.  The home I saw installed 625 sq. ft. and the estimated project cost was $28,000.00.  You can also consider a ground mount system as another option.  Just make sure you do your research to find out the d…

Design Advice for Your Home!

Thinking about updating your home? Or are you buying a home and wondering what exterior siding material you prefer?

I've shared some popular home exterior siding materials in North Carolina from Stanton Homes as well as tips and trends for updating your space!


Vinyl ExteriorsHardiBoard/Fiber Cement ExteriorsStone ExteriorsBrick ExteriorsStucco ExteriorsBoard and Batt ExteriorsShake Exteriors TRENDS:
Five trends new-home builders are seeing in the Triangle!
SMARTER - It's all about automation and finding smart devices to activate sprinklers or set security systems!GREENER - Water conservation is a high priority and buyers are more conscious about product choices when it comes to paint and flooring.SMALLER - The smaller home trend is strong this 2017! The open space concept and having rooms serve as more than one purpose is also important to home buyers.CLEANER - Clean and sleek lines are trending in kitchens and bathrooms.BRIGHTER - We're seeing large…

What's Happening in April?

It's a new month, and we observe a lot in April! Here's a brief description of each:

In remembrance of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968; sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); efforts to end housing discrimination

Celebrates all we can do to make our country a more beautiful and better place; three basic missions: reduce waste, prevent litter, beautify communities

The time we clean up our lawns and prepare it for summer

We focus on home decorating

Gardening improves our attitudes toward health and nutrition, kids perform better at school, community spirit grows

Efficient and creative design is recognized from walkways, playgrounds, neighborhoods, and roadways; use #WLAM2017 on social media when you share a picture of your favorite landscape architecture…

Virtual Staging & Virtual Room Programs

Are you a visual learner? If you're selling your home or considering it, check out the link below from of before and after images of virtually staging a home. Staging a home can help buyers visualize what it would look like for them to live in your home. - What is Virtual Staging? A Way to Stage Your Home Out of Thin Air

If you're buying a home and aren't sure about how to arrange your furniture, consider using an app or online program to plan your layout ideas. My current go to program is floor planner, but the following two links have other programs I'd consider trying and using, like Autodesk Homestyle or Home Design 3D.

Apartment Therapy - 10 Apps for Planning a Room Layout

Freshome - 10 Best Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools

And if you're not selling or buying a home, perhaps you want to refresh your space? I'm loving these "Quick Style Boosts for Spring" from Apartment Therapy:

Clean Your WindowsBring the Outside InP…

Housing Terminology to Know!

Spring is finally here!

While we are in the spring real estate market, I thought you may want to review some housing terminology. As one source says, "Buying a home is like being in a different culture, complete with its own language."

I recently heard the word, "elevation" come up while I was getting my hair cut. And then I was speaking to a Realtor®, and she was speaking about elevations. When it comes to hair and when it comes to a home, the same word has two different meanings.

Elevation in cosmetology terms: the level at which the hair is lifted away from the head

Elevation in real estate terms: the exterior view of the home; the position of the home in relation to the grade of the land; an orthographic (non perspective) drawing of a property from the front, rear, or side that illustrates how the planned or existing structure is situated topographically

Here are four sites with useful terminology and definitions:

1. Work Life - Real Estate Terminology

2. Ashevil…

On Listing, On Selling, On Buying A Home

We've mentioned before that the spring real estate market occurs from March through May, but could start as early as February and end as late as June.  Today, I'm giving you a recap of what we've mentioned before in regards to making a decision to list or not list, things to consider when selling your home, and things to consider when you're going through the buying process.


To List or Not to List?
Look at your current conditions and make a judgment call rather than gambling.Look at buyer behavior.Listing when buyers outnumber sellers could yield a profit.
Things to Consider When Selling Your Home
4 things to be aware of:
Cost may equal value to you, the seller.Spring buyers are typically already out buying a few weeks before spring actually starts.Price your home based on what the market is indicating you can sell it for.There are several liability risks when you list your own home yourself.
Things to Consider When You're Going Through the Buying Process

When Should You Mow Your Lawn?

With spring being less than two weeks away, what are your exterior and outdoor plans for your home?

As the temperatures get warmer, and the soil temperature gets warmer, it'll be time to start taking care of your lawn.  Make sure to check the condition of your lawn mower and sharpen blades, service motors, change the oil, etc.

Below, I'm including some articles that may be useful or informative on lawn maintenance and a little bit about what the link or article covers.


Test your soil's pHConsider aerationDo not put down insect controlGo easy with the mowerNow is the time for seeding!Get a jump on crabgrassTune up your equipment

When should I start mowing, aerating, and seeding my lawn?When should I stop mowing my lawn in the fall (or winter)?When should I resume mowing my lawn in the spring?When can I mow my lawn before and after spraying for weeds?Should I mow…

New Month! New Season!

Happy first day of another new month!

Spring is coming!  And we already have it confirmed via Sir Walter Wally.  What are your plans for your home this spring?

If you're looking to refresh your space with color, I've been seeing a lot of decorating using greens and salmons as well as pastels.  For more color inspiration, here are PANTONE's Top 10 Colors for Spring 2017:

If you're looking to freshen up your home in a cleaning sense, I'm loving these 8 Storage Tips to Help You Clean Better, Clean Faster from HouseLogic.  They suggest using tension rods to hang your cleaning spray bottles, hanging hooks inside spaces to hang things like gloves, and using a shoe caddy to organize also!

If you like checklists, has a great list of home maintenance tasks to tackle monthly.  They have the task, a shortcut, and an estimate on how much it is if you call the professionals.  Here are the 8 they list this month:

1. Clean the gutters.

2. Clean the AC condenser.
3. Pr…

Staging Tips for Spring

Hello again! Another week is here!

Did you know the spring Real Estate market is here? Some sources say it can begin in March and run through June, and some say it begins as early as end of February. If you or someone you know is thinking of selling your home, I've gathered a few of my favorite staging tips from Houselogic.

1. Go for symmetry when arranging furniture or accessories.
2. Turn on lights to add warmth.
3. Help buyers imagine living in your home by displaying a board game or tea service on the coffee table.

1. Keep the countertops clear and uncluttered.
2. Empty all trash cans.
3. Clean the interior and exterior of your cabinets and appliances.

1. Go for a neutral theme in terms of colors and accessories.
2. Remove clothes you aren't wearing this season and consider using wooden hangers to create a sophisticated, boutique look.
3. Place valuables in a safe spot.

1. Add place settings or set the table to, again, help buyers vi…

Spring Real Estate Market & School Bus Stop Laws

First off, I hope you are having a great start to your day and week!

Today's topics include preparing for home buying or home selling during spring and a little bit of what's going on in the community.

The spring real estate market occurs from March through May, but could start as early as February and end as late as June. One advantage of selling or buying a home not during the spring season is there is less competition, and home appraisers or mortgage lenders are more available to assist. If buyers wait until the peak season to purchase a home, they may keep waiting for the "perfect" home and not commit.

Have children? Or maybe you live in a neighborhood with children? Often, I see parents reminding others about not speeding in the community, as many kids play outside, sometimes near streets. Another reminder I've seen is information on the North Carolina school bus stop law. See below for when to stop in ea…

4 Home Decor Trends

Happy Monday!

It's the last week of January, and our new chapter, February will be starting soon.  Have you set any home decor goals for your home for the upcoming month?

Here are some trends to inspire you!





Happy decorating!  What trends are inspiring you at the moment?

Real Estate Decoded Contributor

Sources: 1. HouseBeautiful 2. ElleDecor

When To Purchase A Home

Thinking about purchasing a home?

According to Nerdwallet and's Chief Economist, Jonathan Smoke, January and February are the best months to purchase a home.  Smoke also says there will be an increase of nearly 5% in mortgage rates as the year continues.  Another popular time to buy a home is in July and August.

Want to make a smart home investment where there's growth?  Check out Forbes' Full List: Where To Invest In Housing In 2017.  They teamed up with the North Carolina-based company, Local Market Monitor, that tracks more than 300 housing markets.  The list includes 20 different cities across the United States like Columbus, OH, Atlanta, GA, Fort Worth, TX,  and Seattle, WA.

Before making any purchases, make sure you are prepared.  Find a Realtor that suits your personality, and be in tune with your emotions involved in the process.  Find out more on things like buyer's remorse and what to expect.

Have a lovely Monday!

Real Estate Decoded Contributor