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What To Do With All Those Leaves

The weather is changing!  Pretty soon you'll see the leaves changing color, if you haven't already.

This season, it's important to rake those leaves as they fall and not wait until every leaf falls.  Leaves left on the lawn block your lawn from receiving sunlight it needs.

What do you do with all those leaves?  Mulch them!  You can use your lawn mower to finely chop them up or use a weedwacker.

Other options include:

1. Leaf rake - Bigger does not necessarily mean better.  Pick a rake with a 30"-36" fan rather than one that's 48".

True Temper Clog Free 30-in Lawn and Leaf Rake: $17.98 (Lowe's)
2. Leaf tarp - Instead of filling several plastic bags, consider using one large tarp to rake your leaves onto.

Leaf Management Tool/Yard Waste Carrier: $19.95 (Home Depot)
3. Leaf blower - Use a handheld blower or if you have a large yard, consider using a backpack model.  Not in your budget at the moment?  That's okay!  Like automotive parts and accessor…

What Does Fall Arriving This Week Mean?

Happy Monday!  Happy new week!

This week, Fall officially arrives!

I stumbled across this three minute clip from Real Estate Today Radio on Fall maintenance for your home.  Have a listen!

Here are the key things they mention:

1. Check windows and exterior doors.  Use caulk or weather tight clear tape to seal any drafts.
2. Check insulation in the attic.  Was the roof covered with snow last year?  How quickly did it melt?
3. Check for peeling or chipped paint.
4. Make sure no shingles are missing, broken, or cracked.
5. Clean the gutters.
6. Check your furnace filter.
7. Consider a smart thermostat.
8. Check your smoke detectors and consider getting a carbon monoxide detector.

What else is coming?

I’ve seen one decorated home so far that is ready for Halloween.  I’ve also seen Christmas trees and decorations at at home.

Here are four DIY pumpkin decorations I’m loving for Halloween/Fall:

1. DIY Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin

2. DIY Pun-kins

3. Vintage Inspired Chalky Paint Pumpkins

4. Skip …

Do Your Research

Happy Monday!

It’s a new week!  It’s a new work week, school week...

Speaking of school, in my last post, I mentioned going to a Redfin event.  I want to encourage you all to learn more about the home buying or home selling process.  You don’t necessarily have to go to a Redfin event or webinar (yes, Redfin also has webinars).  You can ask questions to your Realtor or look up events in your area or webinars online.

All too often we have this mentality of I know everything, or I can handle it myself, or I think the resources of my family and friends will be enough.  Even if you do know a fair amount, I suggest seeing what’s out there.  As time goes on, we are evolving.  The home buying or selling process is not what it was thirty years ago.  It might be similar, but not identical.  Find out what’s new or what’s different.

I was actually debating on not attending the event I signed up for.  I knew I was going to be late anyway, and had emailed the agents hosting the event letting them k…

Fall Into Home Tours

Good morning!

I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!

While you relax, and while we transition from summer to fall, here are some decor and design inspiration for you.  I picked some of my favorites from 15 Bloggers’ Fall Into Home Tour, but all are worth checking out.

The full list is below:

Maison de Pax
Nina Hendrick
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Cherished Bliss
The Woodgrain Cottage
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Shades of Blue Interiors
House by Hoff
The Sunny Side Up Blog
The Blissful Bee

Which ones were your favorites?

If you’re in the mood for an Open House or home tour, contact a local Redfin agent.  I recently went to a Redfin event, and the gentleman who spoke said you can visit five homes in one day, or if you’re really ambitious, you can visit two hundred homes!  Probably not in one day, but maybe in the course of a few days.

Whatever your decision, whether you are touring homes virtually or in person, I ho…