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Who Fights For You?

Who Fights For You?

Who can you say will fight for you? Who says they will keep your business private and never let it be used against you? Who in your life has a primary goal of protecting you and your family (besides your own family)? Who swears an oath to this and is willing to be reprimanded if they break your trust?
A lot of consumers think Realtors are a commodity. It is a case where a few rotten apples spoiled it for those of us who take all of the above to heart.
Take this from a Realtor who does not break promises... We risk a lot to take on clients with no guarantee to be paid. We do not do it for the money. Those of us in this business stay in this business, because we value things like your privacy and the well being of your family.
Everyone needs an advocate.
Most of us take pride and honor in being that for you.

The Grass Is Green Where You Water It

Summer is officially here!

As the seasons change and the temperatures change, it’s important to keep up with maintenance for your home, whether or not you plan on moving.  While it’s a good thing to replace anything that has been damaged, it’s also a good idea to learn of any prevention measures.

Today, let’s focus on lawn maintenance.  Here are three things to know when watering your lawn include:

1. WHEN? Water 2-3 times weekly, early in the mornings, year-round.

2. HOW MUCH? Your lawn needs 1”-1.5” of water per week.

3. HOW LONG? Water your lawn for a total of 60-90 minutes per week to apply the 1”-1.5” of water it needs.  This means you could water your lawn for 30 minutes, 3 times per week or 20 minutes, 3 times per week.

Happy watering!  And remember, the grass is green where you water it... and when you water it well.

Be Uncomfortable

People love routine.  People love being comfortable.  Comfort makes us feel secure.

So many people want to grow, but they enjoy comfort all too much.  Your mind and your heart have to be open and be receiving and ready for new changes.  Tiny positive tweaks, maybe once a day, maybe once a week, or maybe once a month, need to occur.  It's great to have wants that better yourself and your lifestyle, but you need to make changes to allow those things to happen.

My challenge to you is to do something that makes you uncomfortable.  What do you want?  What is the next step for you?  Maybe you're wanting to buy a first home, or maybe you're wanting to move.  How long have you been thinking about that next step?  Make one change to help yourself get to that next step.  Once you've done that, make another change.  Remember, tiny positive tweaks.  A friend of mine once asked and said, "How do you eat a whole elephant?  One bite at a time."

We have to dance

When most of us work with a new client who wants to buy a home it feels a lot like dancing.
We have to sync up with you. 
To do that we need to talk. 
Conversation is a lot like dancing.
Two people can have the perfect setting to dance...
They can have the best music in the world.
Provide the best stage.
Showcase the dance floor with beautiful mood lighting.
But if the two dancers refuse to tango together…
There will be no dance.

To have a Tango dance there have to be two partners dancing in sync with each other.
Can you picture a Tango where the two partners both try and lead?
Or worse, where no one leads?
That is what it feels like when my client and I are not on the same page. 
Buying a home is to important not to be on the same page.
They will sometimes look at us their agent and say the reason they cant make it to the “grand finally” is because of your failure at instruction.
The truth is it goes both ways.
You cannot force a couple dance together.

Similarly, you cannot complete a transactio…