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Part 2 of 3: Less Than 20 Things for Your Moving Checklist

In Part 1 of this mini blog series, you should have gone through most of your household belongings and separated and organized them into piles you donate, sell, trash, etc.

Part 2 consists of making a moving checklist.

If you know your moving date is months away, I suggest you do the following:


__ 1. Make a list of everything you pay for. (e.g. monthly memberships, magazines, Internet, cell phone, insurance, electricity, water, trash) I recommend you list them vertically on a spreadsheet or something similar.
__ 2. Find the contact information for the items listed in Step 1. Write down the information
__ 3. Decide when you will contact each company and cancel or transfer services and update your address.  If your list is lengthy and you don't want to do it all in one sitting, break it up into two different hours or two different days.
__ 4. Update your account information on the day you designated in Step 3.


__ 1. Have your vehicle servi…

Part 1 of 3: What brings you joy?

So you've made the decision to move... Congratulations!

But now you need to pack your things.

Packing your things can be overwhelming.  Here are my three P's for your packing process:

1. PLAN - Create a plan of some sort determining how and when you will begin your packing process.  Will you be asking your friends and colleagues for boxes?  Will you go to your local hardware store and buy some boxes?  Which room will you pack first?

2. PACK - Packing is a great time to go through your belongings and donate or sell or trash the items you no longer need or use.

I have a friend who once expressed to me she's an expert packer.  In her most recent move, she read Marie Kondo's, Spark Joy.  The book discusses decluttering and organizing.  My friend summarized it like this, "The book basically says don't store stuff, only keep things that bring you joy.  Hold something in your hands and ask, 'Does it spark joy?'  And if your answer isn't immediately yes th…

Is sleeping a priority for you?

Feeling tired this morning?

We’ve all been told over the years how important sleep is.  And we all know how we feel when we don’t get enough sleep.  How far would you go to get a good night’s rest?  What if the reason you can’t sleep is because your spouse snores?

Have you heard of a “snore room”?  In places like the UK and Australia, having a snore room is becoming popular.  A snore room is an extra room, usually attached to the master bedroom.  Some builders actually include a dual master bedroom, as many couples begin to want their own sleeping space due to one spouse snoring or other reasons their sleep is being interfered.  The extra room doesn’t have to be a snore room though.  It can also be used as a nursery for mothers who need to breastfeed, or it can also be used as an office or sitting area.

“As wealth increases, demand for comfort increases.” -Peter Brookes, associate director of Savills
When you’re looking for your next home, what features would you look for?  Or if you’…

It's Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July!

7 things to know for today!

What is Independence Day?

1. Independence Day or July 4th or the Fourth of July (whichever you prefer) is a federal holiday Americans celebrate and honor the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

On displaying the flag...

2. One should display the flag from sunrise to sunset, but it can be displayed 24 hours a day, if properly illuminated at night using a light.

3. The flag should never touch anything beneath it.

4. The flag should never be displayed in inclement weather, unless one uses an all weather flag.

On fireworks...

5. Always have a bucket of water nearby in case of an emergency.

I know when I'm done lighting sparklers, I douse it in the bucket.

6. If a firework does not light on the initial attempt, do not try to light it again.

I chose to include this tip, because last year, I skimmed through safety tips and I actually didn't see anything about going back and trying to light your firework again.  M…