How to Sell Your House Like a Boss

Spring is finally here and so is one of the most highly anticipated home buying and selling seasons we've seen in years.  The buyers are ready...but is your home?

While there is still a shortage of available houses across the nation, that gap is starting to close.  More buyers are turning to new construction builds rather than selecting from a pre-built home in order to get exactly the home and value they want.  With their choices improving, buyers are becoming a bit more selective in their choices.

In today's market, you want to make sure your home is in the best position possible, removing any hesitation from a potential buyer's mind.

To help get your home in tip-top shape and to attract the attention of hungry buyers this season, we've put together a list of tips that will help you stand apart from the crowd, showcase your home in the best possible light, and sell your home like a true boss.

  • Remove YOU from Your Home: The double meaning on this one was intentional for sure!  Before you show your home to perspective home buyers, remove the elements that make it uniquely yours and disassociate yourself from the home.  Say to yourself "this is not my home any more" and then take a step back and look around.  See all those photos of the kids on the fridge or the wedding memorabilia above the fireplace?  Pull it all down and pack it away.  That pink paint that has darned the walls of your daughter's room for years?  Cover it up with a much more neutral paint color.  You want buyers to walk in and see themselves in this house...if all they see is you, then they'll never make that critical connection to the home.
  • Clear Away the Clutter: You want to make the viewing of your home as carefree and calming as possible.  If a potential buyer has to step over toys, maneuver a living room full of unnecessary decor and boxes, or guess how much counter space is available under all your bathroom clutter, they'll be more focused on where they walk and what they touch rather than how they feel in the house.
  • Organize to Impress: Look, let's be honest, buyers are going to snoop around, so why not leave them impressed? Organize your closet, alphabetize your spices and DVDs, and finally clean out that Tupperware cabinet in the kitchen.  When buyers see a well organized house, they are left with an immediate sense calm, positive vibes that they'll carry with them throughout the tour and the final decision making process.
  • Put Out the Welcome Mat:  You want a buyer to immediately feel a connection when they pull up to your curb.  You want the house to appear inviting and open, so give the outside a bit of love and spruce up the flower beds, clear off the walks and yes, even put out a beautiful new welcome mat on the front porch.  Once inside, leave a few cookies and personal note on the kitchen table welcoming them to your home.  These simple gestures will give them a warm and fuzzy feeling and make them feel as if they belong in your home.
  • Price to Sell, Not to Gouge:  Today's buyers are super savvy -- they do their homework and will use their resources to sniff out a great deal or an over-inflated price.  Sit down with your Realtor and compare three-to-five other comparable houses in your area that have sold in the last month and then try and come up with a figure that is just slightly under that average.  That will ensure you stay in the mix without giving away the farm.
  • Be Social About Your Sale: Both the Millennials and Gen Xer's are very connected online.  In fact, over 70 percent of them start their research online before ever leaving their house whenever they consider making a major purchase.  So why not put your home where they look?  Make sure your Realtor has posted your home on their website, and then promote it yourself via your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.  Not only will this get the word out, but it will help your listing rank better in search results.
Taking a few weeks up front before you put your home on the market to get your home "show ready" will put you in the best position possible once the buyers coming knocking this home buying and selling seasons.


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