The 5 Phases of emotions when buying a home go something like this...

The 5 Phases of emotions when buying a home go something like this...

Stage 1: “We are so excited!!!”

You are past the part where you figure out how much home you can afford and now it is time to shop! The budget and the money are all set.  While you’re busy on Instagram and Pinterest feeling euphoric and there are sugar gumdrops all over the place in your head.

Stage 2: “Wait...this is a lot to think about.”

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of deciding involved with buying a home. In a market like ours you have figured this out fast!  All of a sudden you feel like you’re drowning in decisions and to do lists!  Buying your first home is feeling intense.

Stage 3: “We are the happy hunters”

With help from your real estate broker, you are making a lot of progress. You are seeing some homes you like and things are feeling a lot less overwhelming as you now have a guide to lean on and ask questions.

Stage 4/5: The Freak Out and The Feet up.

Everyone freaks out. Even Realtors when they buy a home freak out! We are Realtors so we know this is true. It is nothing to feel weird about. This is a massive change and change is something the human species does NOT do well. All of a sudden the amount of money this is costing hits you all over again and you feel dizzy. But then, after closing- you put your new keys in the door and it opens. The movers come with boxes and you collapse on the couch with your feet on a box and start breathing again. This is home. This is home because you are there in that moment and every memory you make for the next years to come will be here. There is peace in this moment. This is the moment as your Realtor, we live for.


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