Part 1 of 3: What brings you joy?

So you've made the decision to move... Congratulations!

But now you need to pack your things.

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Packing your things can be overwhelming.  Here are my three P's for your packing process:

1. PLAN - Create a plan of some sort determining how and when you will begin your packing process.  Will you be asking your friends and colleagues for boxes?  Will you go to your local hardware store and buy some boxes?  Which room will you pack first?

2. PACK - Packing is a great time to go through your belongings and donate or sell or trash the items you no longer need or use.

I have a friend who once expressed to me she's an expert packer.  In her most recent move, she read Marie Kondo's, Spark Joy.  The book discusses decluttering and organizing.  My friend summarized it like this, "The book basically says don't store stuff, only keep things that bring you joy.  Hold something in your hands and ask, 'Does it spark joy?'  And if your answer isn't immediately yes then you gotta get rid of it.  I loved that way."  I love that way too.  It's a pretty simple method.

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Another piece of advice I heard was from my cousin.  He says every year he tries to get rid of half of what he owns.

3. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK - When you're done with the bubble wrap and newspapers and duct tape or packing tape and finished packing for the day or week or month, pat yourself on the back!  Acknowledge your progress.  Small steps in a positive direction are always a good thing.

Customize these things for you.  There is no one right way.  My cousin may have a goal to get rid of 50% of what he owns, but if that sounds like too much or too little, tweak it for you.  Get rid of 10%.  Or get rid of ten things per room.  Or donate one third of your clothes.  Or if you haven't used something in the last year, donate it.

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