It's Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July!

7 things to know for today!

What is Independence Day?

1. Independence Day or July 4th or the Fourth of July (whichever you prefer) is a federal holiday Americans celebrate and honor the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

On displaying the flag...

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2. One should display the flag from sunrise to sunset, but it can be displayed 24 hours a day, if properly illuminated at night using a light.

3. The flag should never touch anything beneath it.

4. The flag should never be displayed in inclement weather, unless one uses an all weather flag.

On fireworks...

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5. Always have a bucket of water nearby in case of an emergency.

I know when I'm done lighting sparklers, I douse it in the bucket.

6. If a firework does not light on the initial attempt, do not try to light it again.

I chose to include this tip, because last year, I skimmed through safety tips and I actually didn't see anything about going back and trying to light your firework again.  My firework went off, I jumped back, and luckily, nothing happened to me.

7. Wear eye protection, tie any loose hair back, and don't wear loose-fitting clothing.

Yes, this might be three tips in one.

And lastly, I know I said seven, enjoy the moment!  Enjoy your time with your family and/or friends!  Comment and share your tips or tell us how you're spending the day or weekend!

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