Millenials Investing in Real Estate?

I thought they all still lived at home?
Turns out our vision of millennials may be changing.
Some of them, after all, are 35 years old.
More and more we are hearing about Millennials and how traditional and optimistic they are.
It is refreshing to see a younger crowd that believes in homeownership.
Maybe they are not all wanting to live in a rented 500 square foot apartment after all.

Here is an article that was written this year by:  of CNN

Millennial money myths: The truth about homes, cars and ownership

When it comes to trying to get inside the head of millennials, don't buy the buzz about the "don't own" economy.
The success of start-ups like Netflix, Spotify and Uber have led to predictions that future Americans will choose not to own and drastically shape the future consumer society. But when it comes to big purchases — the kind that can be very good or very bad financial decisions — millennials are not that different than past generations.
Fifty-three percent of millennials own homes and overall, 88 percent of millennials who do not own a home have one on their wish list, according to a survey conducted by Qualtrics, a Provo, Utah-based survey software firm, and venture capital firm Accel Partners (a Qualtrics investor).
Millennial mom
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"The sharing economy is here to stay and has changed how many people work and live. But it doesn't mean that traditional purchases such as cars and homes are less enticing to millennials," said Mike Maughan, head of brand growth and global insights at Qualtrics — and a millennial himself.
Nearly 80 percent of millennials own cars and 75 percent of millennials who don't own a car aspire to own one now, the Accel + Qualtrics Millennial Study 2017 found.
"The world is changing, but in some areas maybe not as much as we think," Maughan said. "They're not afraid to put down roots," he said. He noted that the number of millennials who aspire to own homes holds steady whether they live in metropolitan or rural areas. 
Maughan said the data is even more important now as millennials enter their peak spending years. 


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