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Speaking of school, in my last post, I mentioned going to a Redfin event.  I want to encourage you all to learn more about the home buying or home selling process.  You don’t necessarily have to go to a Redfin event or webinar (yes, Redfin also has webinars).  You can ask questions to your Realtor or look up events in your area or webinars online.

All too often we have this mentality of I know everything, or I can handle it myself, or I think the resources of my family and friends will be enough.  Even if you do know a fair amount, I suggest seeing what’s out there.  As time goes on, we are evolving.  The home buying or selling process is not what it was thirty years ago.  It might be similar, but not identical.  Find out what’s new or what’s different.

I was actually debating on not attending the event I signed up for.  I knew I was going to be late anyway, and had emailed the agents hosting the event letting them know in advance.  The day of the event came and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a great experience.  I was able to have dinner and drinks, hear their presentation on home buying, and also talk with others attending the event.  One woman I sat next to was with her daughter and her daughter’s roommate, and she even shared some suggestions that weren’t mentioned.

The tips in the Redfin pamphlet were:

1. Find your dream home.
    Start your home search
    Attend open houses
    Schedule a home tour
2. Do your research.
    Review your loan options
    Secure a pre-approval letter
3. Know the lingo.
    Earnest money
4. Make an offer.
    Tips to win a bidding war
5. Get the keys.
    Sign the paperwork
    Buy with Redfin and save

To see the Home Buying & Selling Timeline, click here.

Try something new and different, learn something new.

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