What To Do With All Those Leaves

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The weather is changing!  Pretty soon you'll see the leaves changing color, if you haven't already.

This season, it's important to rake those leaves as they fall and not wait until every leaf falls.  Leaves left on the lawn block your lawn from receiving sunlight it needs.

What do you do with all those leaves?  Mulch them!  You can use your lawn mower to finely chop them up or use a weedwacker.

Other options include:

1. Leaf rake - Bigger does not necessarily mean better.  Pick a rake with a 30"-36" fan rather than one that's 48".

True Temper Clog Free 30-in Lawn and Leaf Rake: $17.98 (Lowe's)
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2. Leaf tarp - Instead of filling several plastic bags, consider using one large tarp to rake your leaves onto.

Leaf Management Tool/Yard Waste Carrier: $19.95 (Home Depot)
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3. Leaf blower - Use a handheld blower or if you have a large yard, consider using a backpack model.  Not in your budget at the moment?  That's okay!  Like automotive parts and accessories stores, hardware stores will often allow you to rent equipment.

Backpack Blower: Click here for Rental Availability (Home Depot)
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Happy mulching!  Happy raking!  Share your outdoor maintenance tips!

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