What Does Fall Arriving This Week Mean?

Happy Monday!  Happy new week!

This week, Fall officially arrives!

I stumbled across this three minute clip from Real Estate Today Radio on Fall maintenance for your home.  Have a listen!

Here are the key things they mention:

1. Check windows and exterior doors.  Use caulk or weather tight clear tape to seal any drafts.
2. Check insulation in the attic.  Was the roof covered with snow last year?  How quickly did it melt?
3. Check for peeling or chipped paint.
4. Make sure no shingles are missing, broken, or cracked.
5. Clean the gutters.
6. Check your furnace filter.
7. Consider a smart thermostat.
8. Check your smoke detectors and consider getting a carbon monoxide detector.

What else is coming?

I’ve seen one decorated home so far that is ready for Halloween.  I’ve also seen Christmas trees and decorations at at home.

Here are four DIY pumpkin decorations I’m loving for Halloween/Fall:

1. DIY Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin

2. DIY Pun-kins

3. Vintage Inspired Chalky Paint Pumpkins

4. Skip the Knife, Save a Pumpkin

What are you planning for Halloween this year?

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