Spring Real Estate Market & School Bus Stop Laws

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Today's topics include preparing for home buying or home selling during spring and a little bit of what's going on in the community.

The spring real estate market occurs from March through May, but could start as early as February and end as late as June. One advantage of selling or buying a home not during the spring season is there is less competition, and home appraisers or mortgage lenders are more available to assist. If buyers wait until the peak season to purchase a home, they may keep waiting for the "perfect" home and not commit.

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Have children? Or maybe you live in a neighborhood with children? Often, I see parents reminding others about not speeding in the community, as many kids play outside, sometimes near streets. Another reminder I've seen is information on the North Carolina school bus stop law. See below for when to stop in each scenario.

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For more information, go to North Carolina's School Bus Safety Web.

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