Housing Terminology to Know!

Spring is finally here!

While we are in the spring real estate market, I thought you may want to review some housing terminology. As one source says, "Buying a home is like being in a different culture, complete with its own language."

I recently heard the word, "elevation" come up while I was getting my hair cut. And then I was speaking to a Realtor®, and she was speaking about elevations. When it comes to hair and when it comes to a home, the same word has two different meanings.

Elevation in cosmetology terms: the level at which the hair is lifted away from the head

Elevation in real estate terms: the exterior view of the home; the position of the home in relation to the grade of the land; an orthographic (non perspective) drawing of a property from the front, rear, or side that illustrates how the planned or existing structure is situated topographically

Here are four sites with useful terminology and definitions:

1. Work Life - Real Estate Terminology

Image Source here

Image Source here

2. Asheville North Carolina Real Estate - Real Estate Definitions
3. Complete Design, Inc. - Dictionary of Construction Terminology

Image Source here

4. S&K Roofing - Roofing Terminology

Image Source here

I hope you learned something! What questions do you have or what topics are you interested in learning more about?

Have a beautiful rest of your week! Enjoy the new season!

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