On Listing, On Selling, On Buying A Home

We've mentioned before that the spring real estate market occurs from March through May, but could start as early as February and end as late as June.  Today, I'm giving you a recap of what we've mentioned before in regards to making a decision to list or not list, things to consider when selling your home, and things to consider when you're going through the buying process.


To List or Not to List?
  • Look at your current conditions and make a judgment call rather than gambling.
  • Look at buyer behavior.
  • Listing when buyers outnumber sellers could yield a profit.
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Things to Consider When Selling Your Home

4 things to be aware of:
  1. Cost may equal value to you, the seller.
  2. Spring buyers are typically already out buying a few weeks before spring actually starts.
  3. Price your home based on what the market is indicating you can sell it for.
  4. There are several liability risks when you list your own home yourself.
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Things to Consider When You're Going Through the Buying Process

  • Talk about your concerns.
  • Be prepared to make decisions quickly, as the housing market is highly competitive.
  • Choose a Realtor you are comfortable with, as you'll be sharing a lot of information with them.
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Here's another article on selling a home this spring: 9 Things to Know About Selling a Home in Spring 2017. You can find out what's in demand and whether or not you should renovate or give your walls a fresh coat of paint.

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Have you gone through the home buying or home selling process before? What tips do you have for someone experiencing it a first or even second time?

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