Fall Is Coming

Make the most of the rest of summer!

Fall is coming!  I already noticed crunchy red-orange leaves at the end of the driveway after mowing the lawn this weekend.

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How can you prepare your home for fall?  Think about what seasonal changes mean.  Think heating and cooling, think maintenance cleaning.

Here's a checklist:

1. Examine the exterior of your home (roof, siding, driveway, gutters, trees, etc.).  Repair what you can, otherwise make note of it.
2. Examine the interior of your home (fireplace, crawl space, heating and cooling vents, windows, doors, etc.).  Replace filters, replace old insulation, caulking, etc.  Schedule a check-up for your heating system.
3. Update your emergency kit or plan.
4. Test your emergency generator.

If you're not sure who to call for the repairs you can't do yourself, ask your neighbors for suggestions.  There's a great private social network for neighborhoods and surrounding communities called Nextdoor.  Nextdoor has also created an app so you can access it on your iPhone or Android.  I've seen a lot of neighbors ask around for suggestions for repairs.  Or if you are that someone they might be looking for, you can post your services to let others know you can assist!

If Nextdoor doesn't interest you, you can always ask your realtor for recommendations.

What suggestions would you give on getting ready for the fall season?

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