Lawn Care: Plan Today for Tomorrow

It’s always a good idea to have a plan and plan ahead.

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For some of us, the temperatures have dropped and the weather has been changing.  Having a great lawn is a lot of work and requires planning and patience.  “The grass I grow this fall is what will be there next spring,” says John Dillon, who takes care of New York City’s Central Park.  He recommends these four steps:

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1. Aeration
Aerating your lawn allows for water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the roots.  You should aerate your lawn once or twice a year.

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2. Seeding
Seed your lawn when the soil is approximately 55°F in temperature.  Water the seeds every day until they germinate.

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3. Fertilizing
Fertilize your lawn during the late fall season, and choose a product high in phosphorous.

4. Mulching
Mulch your leaves, instead of raking them.  If you’re looking to buy a new lawn mower, look for one that has the ability to mulch.

What tips do you have for a healthy lawn?

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