4 Things I Want to Share With You

Hello and Happy Monday!

Today I'm sharing four things with you: something currently going on, something I've noticed, something fun for the season, and a little motivation!

1. Something currently going on... Hurricane Matthew may have dissipated, but the after effects are still very much here.  What should you do after a hurricane?  How can you prepare for an upcoming hurricane?  The American Red Cross has great suggestions on what to do after a hurricane and they even have a Safety Checklist.

Hurricane Safety Checklist
2. Something I've noticed... Lately, I've seen a lot of mattresses out for trash pickup.  When's the last time you replaced your mattress?  If it's been 7 or 10 years since you last replaced your mattress and box spring, now may be a good time to look for a new one.  If you're waking up sore and stiff, it may be due to the age of your mattress.  A good mattress will ensure a good night's rest.  If you want some help looking for a new mattress, check out Consumer Report's Mattress Buying Guide.

Image Source here
3. Something fun for the Fall season... wreaths!  Who says wreaths are for Christmas only?  Get inspired and put one up on your door!  To view more, check out Architectural Digest's, 7 Fall Wreaths to Spruce Up Your Front Door.

Image Source here
4. And some Monday motivation for you:

Image Source here
Have a wonderful week!  Be well!

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