7 Ways You & Your Neighbor Can Help Each Other

I've mentioned this before a few times in other posts, but one app I enjoy and highly recommend is Nextdoor.  It's an app that allows you to connect with your neighbors.

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Here are 7 categories Nextdoor has that can help you:

1. CRIME & SAFETY - Alert your neighbors if you notice any suspicious activity.  One neighbor sent out an alert letting us know that some kids were out ringing other people's doorbells at 1:00 AM.

2. CLASSIFIEDS - I have seen people create posts looking for a babysitter or offering babysitting/nanny services.  I have also seen other job offerings for those looking to hire.  Neighbors also post items for sale.

3. RECOMMENDATIONS - A lot of people ask for recommendations from doctors and dentists to cell phone carriers to tree and bush pruning to hair stylists to where to dispose of an old mattress.

4. FREE ITEMS - A lot of people will post furniture and either sell them at a low price or offer to donate them.

5. GENERAL - Lately I've been seeing people post Open House information.  I have also seen things for sale like tickets to a football game or laptops or bicycles.  Others post looking for particular items, and others post events happening around town like town hall meetings or new restaurants to try.  Or maybe you're handing out Halloween candy this year?

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6. LOST & FOUND - Missing a dog?  Find a cat?  Or maybe you found keys or a garage door opener?  Lose your phone?  That's what this category is for.

7. DOCUMENTS - I haven't seen anyone post in here, but Nextdoor says this category is for posting important files.  Perhaps Homeowners Association information, Architectural Approval Application documents?

Do you use Nextdoor?  How do you like it?  What apps do you find helpful?

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