Winter Maintenance & 2017 Predictions

Hope you are enjoying winter and the new year so far!

With these colder temperatures and even snowfall in some states, here are 3 ways from Houselogic that can keep your home warmer this winter:

1. Get your heating system in order. Schedule your HVAC checkup in the fall or winter before the changes in temperature, and make sure your HVAC professional checks all electrical or gas connections as well as other moving components, drains, heat exchangers, etc.

2. Clean your gutters. Make sure your gutters are free of leaves and other debris.

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3. Check weatherstripping and caulk. Inspect your doors and windows for any air leaks or even light leaks coming through from the outside and make any necessary replacements.

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To read more on these home maintenance tasks, click here.

After reviewing Robert Hahn's, Notorious ROB's 7 predictions for 2017, here are the 6 key takeaways listed:

1. Housing prices will fall, but the inventory crisis will finally end.  A few economists and industry watchers are predicting the demand to buy a home will decrease.  Hahn also writes one cause of the inventory shortage is the lack of new construction.  Home construction decreased in 2008 and is in the recovery process.

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2. Realogy will launch low-cost brokerage and franchise options.

3. Zillow will beat Upstream at its upstream game.

4. Opendoor will become the most important company in real estate.

5. Brokerages will begin to promote younger executives.  There are many younger leaders ready for leadership, and some of the older brokerages may be ready to step back and pass the baton.

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6. NAR will do something about subpar agents and will name a female successor to CEO Dale Stinton.  Hahn believes we will see a change in terms of ethics, competence, and requirements.

What are your thoughts on these predictions?  What resolutions do you have for the year pertaining to your home?

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