What's next for your home?

Hello and Happy 2017!

I'm sure you've thought about your personal goals for the year, but how about what goals you want to achieve for your home?

Perhaps you are planning on renovating your home?  A good place to start is ask yourself, Why am I making these changes?  Are you trying to add value to your home?  Or are you making changes for enjoyment?  We wrote about renovations in an earlier post.  To read more, click here.  And to find out about renovations that are cost-effective, click here.

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Or maybe you are planning to buy a home or sell your home?  Learn how to avoid picking the wrong realtor and learn some tips to remember when you interview a realtor.

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I hope you have a great start to this first week, this first month, this new year!  Let us know what short-term or long-term plans you have!

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