Time Is Money

Despite the fact that we are looking at 2016 being a sellers market.
That does not mean that you can expect a top heavy deal in your favor homeowners.

Here is the truth of the market:
If the "deal" does not produce a mutual gain for both parties it will probably fall apart after a lot of work on your end.

Though buyer demand is high, people are not going to overpay for your home.

Can you expect a full price offer if you are priced correctly?


Can you expect $20,000 over what our market data shows is fair?

Probably not.

Realtors that have sold homes through many economic conditions will tell you...

If it seems unfair to one side in the deal... then something isn’t right and you will pay with the most important factor in getting a profit out of your home....time.

Time changes the way people see your home ESPECIALLY in this market where buyers outnumber sellers.

You do not want to be viewed the ugly duckling home because your home isn't selling quickly in a market where your days on market could be counted on your fingers!

If you are attempting to sell your home on your own in this market thinking demand makes your needing a Realtor to represent you unnecessary...

You may end up disappointed.

You may get "interested" buyers but interested and qualified to buy are worlds apart. 50% of contracts on sale by owner homes fall apart at closing because the buyer isn't qualified.

Another problem is buyers dont like to view homes listed by the owner because it is awkward. 

Think if the tables were turned. 

Do you want to negotiate directly with the homeowner of the next home you buy?

All of the above potential road blocks waste time and as stated in the title...

Time is money.

Sell smart. Hire a professional.

Wishing you the best!


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