To List Or Not To List?

Most every Realtor will tell you to list now.

They will all have different reasons for why.

And they will all be guessing.

Granted they may have a very educated guess...but I think we should be more transparent about our reasoning instead of claiming we know for sure.

The reason they are guess is because not one of us can predict the future.

The Real Estate market reacts based on many other factors going on in the economy.

Considering we have yet to have anyone know the future of the economy with 100% accuracy...

We are all at the mercy of human behavior determining the state of the economy.

Here is what I  know for a fact.

There is no way to tell you what will happen with 100% accuracy at any future moment other than this moment.

That holds true for Real Estate and almost every other aspect of life.

I believe we are doing the best we can for ourselves and our families if we take a look at our current condition and make a judgement call rather than take a gamble.

Right now it is a sellers market.

Buyer behavior is very spring like considering we are inundated and still in February.

I tend to look at buyer behavior as your sign to move now.

Any moment other than now could change and in which direction is the gamble part.

So don’t list because I said so.

And don’t list your home because anyone else says so.

List because buyers outnumber sellers and that is a fact that can yield you a very nice profit to use on your next purchase.



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