Will You End Up Homeless?

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Lets place you in a scenario...
You have decided it is time to move.
You know what kind of home you are looking for.
You also know that your current home will sell quickly because there are more buyers in the market looking to buy a home than there are homes for them to buy.

But wait...

Will this scenario not be a problem when you are the one on the buying end?
Doesn’t this all mean that you could potentially sell your home in record time and have nowhere to go?
Where does that leave you should you take advantage of this being a sellers market?


As a Realtor, I understand the worry.

In my career I have assisted many people in a similar situation and I hope I can put you at ease with the following:

You won’t be homeless.

Not with the right Realtor as a partner.

The only real risk in this situation is if you let fear hold you back from making a great profit on the selling end of your move.
You may never get the home you really want if you are not in a good position to buy it when you submit the offer.

By good position I mean that unless your current home is in escrow or sold, the offers you submit on your next home will not be as strong.

Sellers (including you) will select offers from buyers that are the least likely to fall through.
Deals that are the least likely to fall through are from buyers who have the ability to buy their next home either before their current home sells OR buyers that have already sold their home.

I digress back to the original question on many peoples minds...

Could you end up homeless if you sell your current home prior to finding your next?


You will not be homeless. 

Any realtor who really cares about you and your family will have options lined up should you sell your home before finding another.

Here is the deal...

In a market like our current one if you submit an offer with a home that has already closed you will likely jump directly to the top of the line of attractive offers when a seller considers the multiple offers they receive.

Also, because inventory is so low you stand to get a great price for your existing home. When we are going through a pile of offers above asking price... you will see what I mean.

The moral of this story if it applies to your current situation...

Pick a good Realtor to partner with. 

We have run into this kind of sellers market before and we can get you through it with a handsome profit.
If you are not in my local area I can help you interview a Realtor that knows how to manage this kind of market.
It costs you nothing to have a Realtor you trust help you interview other Realtors on your behalf.
This is not a market you want to pick a Realtor out of a hat.

I wish you good fortune on your next move!


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