6 Reasons To Buy A Home

An improving economy and steady job market signals an improving housing market.
In the natural order of real estate, one stimulates a rise in the others.

This factual phenomenon will remain virtually unchanged by the most recent rate increase for the foreseeable near future.

How does this impact housing prices?  Well, if the average home price is $225k, this would mean on a 30-year fixed rate loan, the increase would reflect a predicted drift to a $26 a month increase on buyers. This is clearly not enough to stop people from buying a home when home values are on the rise.

Interest rates increasing is actually a sign that the economy is improving and showing no signs of slowing.  When the Federal Government raises interest rates, the masses will always shudder.

Here is the reality:
#1. Interest rates are still low -- even after this raise.
#2. Buying a home still makes sense in America.
#3. The dollar is strong.
#4. Buying property is still one of the safest ways to diversify your money.
#5. We have both a steady job market and economic growth to support our housing market.
#6. America is not going out of business.


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