The Rules of Real Estate Engagement

The rules of competition turn grey when the competition gets personal.

Competition works best when people compete to receive a fair deal for both sides.

A win-win result both can live with.

The goal should always be to create a win-win situation.

Showing the opposing party a clear win-win option by being fair and picking a Realtor partner will give you the best odds of getting “picked”.

With that in mind, the parties to a deal need to constantly gauge what is going on in a situation to determine what tactics should be implemented to ensure this happens.

The question should always be: “what tactics should I use in this situation to be picked?”

In other words, what makes my offer the most reasonable and attractive.

Is it better to be cooperative or competitive when entering the market?

The answer:
It usually boils down to the facts concerning resources and demand for those resources.

The fewer the resources, the more cooperation you want to display.

The more abundant the resources, the more competitive you may be able to be.(Depending on what side you are on).

In most situations, both cooperation and competitive negotiating if used in tandem will yield the best results. Finding that balance means finding the best Realtor fit for you.

Be aware...

When things get personal:

Competition can be perceived as spite rather than a fair fight for “the win-win".

When a negotiation begins to feel like a fight for a win-lose...

Caveat emptor! (let the buyer beware)

You may be engaging in a competition for who has the biggest ego.

Pride is...

"Me... Not you.
It is mine... You can not have it.
I don't care... It is the principal.
Me. Me. Me...”

Cooperation is a fundamental component to healthy competition.

When pride enters the situation you can bet that reason and any shot of a win-win situation have left the building.

Here is the answer to keeping everyone's ego at bay:

Listen to each other.

Prove it by repeating what you heard and how YOU interpreted what you heard.

Use the word “cooperate".

Say that you WANT to cooperate with the other party

Say it out loud with your voice and not an email or a text.

Then say you want a win-win result.

Be competitive ... by being cooperative with the person who want to buy your home or sell you their home. 

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