The Best Deal

We all want to get the best deal.
The only time we settle for less is when we do not care about the thing we are trying to buy.
These are the things we consider both low in price and low value

Items that fall into the high price and high value category are ones that we think through before we buy them.
Not only because of the higher price, but also the long term value justifying the cost.

Here is an example:

You are traveling to a foreign Country for a business meeting.
You decided to leave your tooth brush at home because it is a $200 dollar Sonicare.
You advised your spouse you will buy a cheap one when you go to the hotel.
Before arriving at the hotel you ate an onion bagel.

Now that you have realized you are behind schedule, you are in a panic!
You think...
“Why didn’t I just pack that tooth brush?!”
You look at your watch and you have five minutes until you meet the CEO of a company that can potentially offer you the best deal of your life.
In this moment you know all bets are off unless you can find a tooth brush right now.
You rush to the lobby.
Thank goodness...the hotel clerk says they have tooth brushes you can buy.
The price of their tooth brushes are $500!
Do you save the $500 or make a potentially bad first impression with a person who could offer you the deal of a lifetime?

You would probably buy the tooth brush.
Because when you really needed the tooth brush it became more than a tooth brush.
In that moment it became the thing that would determine if you would get the best deal of your life or not.

Why did I tell you a tooth brush story?

Because now I hope you will reconsider the larger deals you are considering gambling with.
Like selling your home on your own or with a discount broker.
Yes it could work out fine...
The less expensive option could work.
But it could also fall apart.
Saving money only sounds good when you think there is no risk or true value involved.

What is your home worth to you?



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