What Is Buyer's Remorse?

What is buyer's remorse?  

To me and my closest colleagues, it is the most logical instance of experiencing doubt in the world.

Here is what I mean...

We second-guess ourselves when deciding if we want whipped cream or a splash of vanilla flavoring in our daily coffee.

Doubt happens every day. It is as human as breathing.

In my position as a Realtor, I have always found it interesting when I hear other Realtors say they see buyers feeling ashamed or reluctant to admit they are experiencing buyer's remorse.

I am of the opinion that if you the buyer feel ashamed about remorse, it is a failure of your Realtor for not preparing you to likely feel that emotion.

Buying a home and picking the one for you and your family is a major decision. 

When you purchase a home you’re not only physically uprooting your family and putting them in a different location... 

You are also putting a major chunk of money behind the decision. 

I think the only rare reaction to buying a home is when buyers do not seem to have any moment of doubt. 

That is how I naturally find buyer's remorse.

Here is when buyer's remorse gets the best of people:

When they are not prepared for it...

It is our responsibility as your Realtor to prepare you for the moments you are most likely to experience doubt.

Not all Realtors will agree with me but in my opinion... that's an issue with their service and not an issue with you.

So, what is the best way to minimize the effects of buyer's remorse as you go through the buying process?

This is what I say to my buyers before we look at homes together...

I encourage my clients to talk about their concerns and how they feel as they feel it .

Buyer's remorse most often feels overwhelming when you are mostly quiet during the entire transaction process of buying a home. 

If you keep inside all of the reluctant feelings that you experience, it may lead to more intense feelings of regret when the closing occurs. 

Our current housing market is highly competitive and you have to make decisions fast. 

That is why the conversations we have before we go looking for homes is critical to prepare you.

If you have hired a realtor that is doing their job, they should be asking questions about how you tend to think through decisions.

To conclude:

This is one of those situations in life that can either be emotionally traumatic or very exciting.

The process of buying a home is only as emotionally charged as you and your Realtor make it.

Choose a Realtor who makes you feel comfortable.

Someone that is confident enough to lead but not so arrogant they won’t notice you are an individual and not a number on their Excel spreadsheet.

As always, I am happy to help you every step of the way.

I want you to be protected like you deserve to be.



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