Granted Authority

 King Henry VIII
You want your Real Estate Broker to be a leader.
You want them taken seriously as they negotiate over the largest investment of your life.
But what happens if your Broker is not coming off as a leader, but a bully instead?

The other side pushes back.
And ultimately...
You the buyer or homeowner could lose the deal.

Here is how to avoid picking the WRONG Realtor:
When you buy or sell a home, you and your Real Estate agent are usually seen as one unit by the other people involved in the deal.
You want to be seen as authoritative as a unit, while being cautious of the nature of your collective authority feels permissible and welcomed.

When your Realtor asserts themselves, here are the outcome scenarios:

#1. The people on the receiving end of the deal decide yes they will happily oblige and do what you have ask them to do because they feel a sense of fairness in what your Realtor has ask of them.

#2.  The people reluctantly decide to do what your Realtor has asked of them because they feel they have no better option, and that the request is the better option of the ones presented thus far.

#3. The people refuse your Realtor's attempt at authority because it was harsh and lacked acknowledgment and fairness. As a result, they decide to not work with you.

The first two scenarios are permissible behavior. The third is not acceptable. The important thing to notice is that when things are going well your Realtor will get the praise for being professional and fair. When authority gets pushy, you the client of your Realtor get accused of also being inappropriately authoritative. The result of the third scenario could mean you do not end up with the deal you really wanted.

To achieve #1 with success: 

Charismatic authority should be a characteristic you are looking for in the Realtor you hire.

Listen to how they make requests of you in the initial interview.
When they ask something of you, make sure they tell you why they are asking you to take that action.

Are they making sense and clearly show you benefits?
If you do those things during the initial interview you will get a glimpse on how that individual will represent you when it is negotiation time for the home of your dreams. 

In general:

The easiest way to resonate with another person is to tell them a story they can relate their current situation with.
Your Realtor should be able to tell that story to you and the other people involved in the deal.

A Realtor's job sometimes is to convince someone else on your behalf.

They must be able to get the other party to agree to go along with an agenda that was not the original one.
Success means the new agenda  must be presented to us in a way that does not send defensive triggers to the other party.

Use the following universal facts when interviewing Realtors:

Every human brain is self-centered.

We have to be for survival.

Our brains were built to survive in jungles and grasslands which means self-preservation is our number one priority by nature.

This is not something our species has outgrown just because someone invented Siri to answer the question of where the nearest pizza place…

People will always consider how things will impact them.

Even the people who like you like to like you.

You need a Realtor who can not only resonate well with your wants and needs...
You need them to do that with the other people involved in the deal too.
Cooperative competition is the most expedient way to the closing table.


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