Buyers and FISBOs Don’t Usually Mix

Buyers are ready to buy!

Yet, when we are out on the weekends showing them listings and they see a for sale by owner the first thing they say to their Realtor is...

“Lets go there last...”

Homeowners sometimes feel they are isolated from the buyer pool and not all Realtors are telling them why.

 I am not sure all Real Estate Agents do a good job explaining to homeowners why they are not getting as many offers as homes listed with real estate firms.

Perhaps we are so used to for sale by owners thinking we only communicate when we want something, we end up not giving homeowners valuable insight.

Recently I have been telling homeowners what they deserve to know.

Buyers do not want to “deal” with the owner of a home. 

Simply put, It’s awkward for them.

How can they walk into someone else’s home and discuss the things they need to discuss out loud in order to make the best decision?

Here is an example of what I mean

If the buyers hate the color of the bonus room carpet because it is competition Orange in the bonus room and the homeowner is standing there in a Broncos Jersey...

How is that situation going to play out?

The point is a home has an emotional value to a homeowner that the buyer cannot be expected to consider when making the largest investment of their lives.

Homeowners please understand that buyers unfortunately do not care how much money or love you put into your home just because you care.

Buyers need to be told the story of why they will love the home as it fits into their lives.
You are at a disadvantage just because you are the current owner.

A Realtor who lists your home is a third party who will be in the capacity to have the buyers true thought process surface.
Your Realtor can help buyers make a decision because there is no conflict of interest.

If you have buyers coming to see your home and telling you they love it but then the offer never shows up...
It is because they didn’t want to say anything to upset you and that makes negotiating feel impossible to them.

Even if you tell buyers you are not connected to the house and that your feeling won’t be hurt (we hear this a lot from homeowners) buyers still won’t tell you the truth.

It isn’t impossible to get a great deal selling your own home.
If things are taking longer than you wanted, this could be why.


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