The Truth About Discount Brokers

The top three professions that find themselves sued are:
#1 Lawyers
#2 Doctors
#3 Realtors

The short story behind this... 
Due to the nature of the work done by these professionals, conflict is inevitable. 
People from all three of these categories take risks.
The reason we still avidly uses these service providers is because the risks associated with not using their services are even higher than if don’t!

Want to represent yourself in court? 
Want to operate on your own Spleen?
Probably not.
In fact if you ask those questions of anyone they will likely laugh.
So why is it that when it comes to buying and selling Real Estate people do not laugh when ask if they want to buy and sell their own home?

The reason is they do not see the same degree of risk involved.
Unfortunately by the time people find out that the risk can be scary...
The damage has been done.

The first mistake when selling or buying a home is attempting to do that unrepresented.
The second mistake is the decision to hire a discount or limited service broker.
The issue with a discount broker is not that they are less expensive.
Less expensive is always a good thing.

The problem with discount brokers is they often end up reducing their duties along with their fees.
What does that mean for you?
Not only is it illegal for Realtors to do that...
It means you could end up liable for their lack of effort and attention.
In North Carolina a homeowner can be held responsible for the negligence of their Realtor.
Of course without any representation you are directly liable.

Friendly advice regardless of who you end up partnering with:
Protect yourself and your investment.
Please hire a full time full service Realtor.
Please hire someone who works for a Firm you have heard of before and one that has been around a while. 
Saving 1% off the sales price is not worth you getting sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The risk versus reward is not in your favor.

If you are unsure who to hire...
Ask a Realtor you personally know to help you interview someone.
I would gladly do that for any of you and I am not the only honest person in my field who wants to see you safe and happy in your next home.



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