Who Goes First?: Negotiations

When negotiating over the sales price of a home, a good Realtor will be the one who is comfortable with the conversation.

"Who starts the negotiation?" is a question clients have ask me over the years.

How does a negotiation conversation actually begins.
A homeowner (or future homeowner's)thought process is usually similar to the following:

1.Who will disclose information first?
2.Is it wise to be the one who begins the conversation?

The person who speaks first in any situation that involves negotiating tends to be...

Someone who understands how to build trust.
Someone who is comfortable with defining trust.
Someone who is trusted by other people currently and honors what it means to be trusted.
And finally...

Someone who is comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When you partner with a Realtor during your next move, make sure you ask them how they handle uncomfortable situations. Their answer to this question will become very important at some point in the transaction. Protect your investment and best interest by asking before you become their partner.  


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